Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy
5625 Holy Trinity Drive
Melbourne, Florida 32940

8:00am to 3:30pm
(Setup Friday 3:30pm to 5:30pm)

Volunteer Registration Information

All volunteers must register by following the registration link below so we have your lunch choice, t-shirt size, name tag info and can assign you to a job.  

If you would like to assist in a workshop module, and have a preference for which ones, please indicate your preference.  We cannot guarantee you will be assigned to a specific job.    If you want to be assigned to help a specific person, please indicate this in the comments.

If you are not going to be available at 8:00 on Saturday or stay all day, please let us know.  If you are available on Friday afternoon or earlier than 8:00am on Saturday for setup, indicate that also.  Registration volunteers are needed at 7:30am Saturday.  Workshop leaders who will definitely be setting up their workshop on Friday, please email Kristin Freeman at volunteers@swe-sc.org

High School Students: If you are volunteering for Community Service credit, be sure to bring the appropriate form for our volunteer coordinator to sign.

There will be a training session at 10am Sat. 2/4 for leaders (and interested helpers) in Cape Canaveral (at Judy's house) followed by a visit to the storage unit to pick up supplies.  Details will be provided later. 

Tshirts:  We cannot guarantee tshirts available for volunteers registering on or after 2/6.





Design a Dessert

Find out what a design engineer does as you design and construct a dessert!

Duct Tape Creations

Use the ultimate engineer's tool: duct tape!  And show off your fashionista skills! You will be able to make wallets, flowers, and other creations so bring your creativity!

Programming Robots

Learn about robots and computer programming while you program a LEGO robot and tell it what to do! (Warning: will not teach you how to tell your sibling what to do)


Engineers and architects designed the famous Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, London Bridge, and others. Find out about civil engineering as you design and test your own bridge!

Cray-Cray Cranes

Lifting heavy items can be difficult but with the help of engineers we show you how to create a easier way to lift and move those heavy items.


3D Me: The Future of Manufacturing Body Parts

Learn how scanners and 3D printers can turn you into an avatar and build your dream ideas into reality!

Sky-High Sky Scrapers

Engineers and architects build some of the tallest and most impressive buildings in the world. Learn about civil engineering as you build your own slender tower.

Goo Busters

Become a chemical engineer while formulating your goo in the mad scientist lab.

Nanomaterial Magic & Mystery

Step right up! Learn about the exciting production and applications of nanomaterials while participating in a one of a kind carnival!

Design a Lunar Lander

12 men have walked on the Moon, and engineers made it happen. Do you have what it takes to land your astronaut safely on the Moon?


Chocolate Asphalt

Learn about road construction and what a civil engineer does while you make chocolate 'asphalt' - a delicious layered dessert!

Sticky Situations

We use glue for all kinds of applications. Make your own glue and see just how sticky it is!

Bedroom Alarms

Learn about electrical circuits using alarm kits and build your own alarm system all while learning about electrical engineers.

Paper Structures

Can a paper structure hold up a book? Find out as you use civil engineering to build the strongest structures you can out of paper.

Marble Run

Like roller coasters? This is your chance to be the mechanical engineer that designs and builds one!