Volunteers Welcome

Your time and talent can make a real difference.

Date: Saturday, February 29th, 2020

Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm
(Setup Friday 3:30pm to 5:30pm)

Location: Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy (upper school)
5625 Holy Trinity Drive, Melbourne, FL, 32940

We are dependent upon and very grateful to our volunteers, who assist with our educational outreach programs.

  • chevron_right All volunteers must register so we have your lunch choice, name tag and can assign you to a job.

  • chevron_right Engineers and Scientists (including college students): If you would like to assist in a workshop module, and have a preference for which one, please indicate your preference when you register. Descriptions are in the list below.
    We cannot guarantee you will be assigned to a specific job. Workshop leaders are assigned early however workshop helpers are normally assigned 7-10 days prior to the workshop.

  • chevron_right If you are not going to be available at 8:00am or stay all day, please let us know. If you are available on Friday afternoon or earlier than 8:00am on Saturday for setup, indicate that also.

  • chevron_right There will be a volunteer training meeting required for workshop leaders and encouraged for first time volunteers on Feb 15 in Cape Canaveral. More details will be announced.

  • chevron_right High School Students: If you are volunteering for Community Service credit, be sure to bring the appropriate form for our volunteer coordinator to sign.

  • chevron_right Friday Setup: Meet at the cafeteria at 3:30pm

  • chevron_right Saturday morning: Volunteers check in at 8:00am

Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

  • star_border Workshop Module Leader:
    > Review module instructions ahead of time, be prepared to lead the module
    > Attend training 2-3 weeks prior to the event
    > Pick up and store supplies for ~2 weeks prior to the event, as needed. Module Leaders are responsible for getting supplies to and from the storage unit.
    > Purchase module supplies, as needed.

    Day of:
    > Set up classroom and all supplies
    > Provide instruction on the module
    > Clean-up classroom and return supplies to event chair

  • star_border Workshop Module Helper:
    > Assist the module leader as needed
    > Help set up the classroom before the event begins
    > Provide instruction and help to the girls during the module
    > Help clean up the classroom

  • star_border Registration:
    > Arrive early on the day of the event, check in volunteers or students
    > These volunteers may also be module helpers, they may be a little late to the first session and will not be able to help set up in the morning.
    > Registration also can double as food support.

  • star_border Food Support:
    > Prepare lunch in bags
    > Set up cafeteria in preparation for lunch and snacks

  • star_border Security:
    > Ensure the safety and security of each and every attendee
    > Monitor activity in the halls
    > Security may be asked to run errands or help move supplies at the end of the day.

editRegister to Volunteer
Volunteer registration closes on February 14th

Track 1
Project Title Description
Design a Dessert Find out what a design engineer does as you design and construct a dessert!
Duct Tape Creations Use the ultimate engineer's tool: duct tape! Show off your fashionista skills! You will be able to make wallets, flowers, and other creations so bring your creativity!
Programming Robots Learn about robots and computer programming while you program a LEGO robot and tell it what to do!
(Warning: will not teach you how to tell your sibling what to do)
Bounce Into Polymers Make your own bouncy balls and Goo with everyday materials.
Gum Drop Domes Geodesic domes are used all over the world to house observatories, as well as some futuristic looking homes. How strong can you make a dome out of gum drops?
Track 2
Project Title Description
Seismic Shakeup Can you design a structure that will survive an earthquake? Put your design skills to the test on our shaker table!
Design a Lunar Lander 12 men have walked on the Moon, and engineers made it happen. Do you have what it takes to land your astronaut safely on the Moon?
Tie Dye Forensics Do you have a favorite M&Ms or Skittle candy color? Become a Forensic Scientist to investigate what different dyes are used to color candies.
Minute to Win it Test your skills with our 60 second challenges to master physics - do you have what it takes?
Bucket Tower Learn about civil engineering as you build a tower to carry a heavy bucket. How strong can you make it?
Track 3
Project Title Description
Chocolate Asphalt Learn about road construction and what a civil engineer does while you make chocolate 'asphalt' - a delicious layered dessert!
Angry Test Pilots Build a catapult to see who can launch and hit a variety of angry feathered and piggy targets - a real life version of the mobile app!
Bedroom Alarms Learn about electrical circuits using alarm kits and build your own alarm system all while learning about electrical engineers.
Paper Structures How strong is paper? Can you build a structure out of paper strong enough to carry the weight?
Safe Landing Help your skydiver touch down safely as you design a parachute.
Track 4
Project Title Description
Egg Bungee Jump Can you design and build an egg bungee jump that will keep the egg from breaking?
Code Breakers Want to tell someone a secret, and make sure no one else understands it? Try to design a code that can’t be cracked in this hands-on Intro to Cybersecurity, where the best hacker wins!
Zip Lines Imagine zipping through the trees to get to school! This is your chance to design your own zip line!
Marble Run Like roller coasters? This is your chance to be the mechanical engineer that designs and builds one!
Kick it! Can you outscore Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan? Try to score a goal - by building a machine!


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