Girls in 7th to 10th grades

Be part of Wow! That’s Engineering!

·        Experience the creativity and innovation of engineering and technology.

·        Meet women engineers and technologists and hear first-hand about these exciting careers.

·        Participate in 3 hands on projects listed below.


Location:  VIRTUAL

Date:  Saturday, October 24, 2020

Time:   1:00pm – 3:30pm

Cost:  $15.00  includes all supplies, shirt and shipping

Registration Deadline: 
  Thurs, Oct 10, 2020




(Can't afford the $15, 
Apply here for the waiver before registering  Waiver due date:  Oct 8. But you must get the waiver before you register!



  Build an Electronic Circuit - a flashing LED using an integrated circuit and electronic components on a breadboard

  Learn to Code - edit existing HTML and CSS code to customize their own web pages using Codecraft Works’ online web editor

  Duct Tape Engineering - use the Engineering Design Process to make a Duct Tape project with plenty of materials to build more projects


Panel of Women Engineers: A Day in the Life of an Engineer





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