2020 Award Nominees

Distinguished New Engineer

  • Anika Ahmed, Manufacturing Engineer, Embraer
    Specializing in executive jets manufacturing after having graduated from Florida Tech with an Aerospace Engineering degree to bring the latest and safest private jet experience for customers.
  • Amy Bonecutter-Leonard, Associate Manager, Electrical Engineering, L3Harris Corporation
    Amy has demonstrated outstanding performance in engineering at L3Harris in microelectronics. An amazing leader who excels in effective communication and produces consistent high-quality work products.
  • Lyndsey Conley, Commercial Crew, The Boeing Company
    For Lyndsey’s outstanding job in reducing our flow by twenty serial days which allowed us to make our December 2019 launch date.
  • Samantha Eaton, Principal Engineer Software, Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Samantha is a Northrop Grumman Software Engineer who strives to do the best job possible every day. Outside of her outstanding work at NG, Samantha is pursuing a PhD in Computer Engineering and works towards showing young women and girls how they can change the world through technology.
  • Andrea Gonzalez, Sr. Electrical Engineer, Collins Aerospace
    Andrea is the winner of the Collin’s Young Innovator Award and one of the fastest to achieve the title of Senior Engineer.
  • Brooke Ashton Hagan, Specialist, Systems Engineering, L3Harris Corporation
    Brooke is a brilliant engineer that possesses failure analysis skills and thought processes not commonly seen. She is a young engineer with a bright future.
  • Mie Higuchi, Senior Associate, Software Engineering, L3Harris Corporation
    Mie has been a main contributor to the technical design and development of the SFP subsystem of the HALO program.  She has been involved and has made a great impact in the community as a volunteer in 5 different organizations as representative of L3Harris.
  • Amanda Ireland, Integrations and Test Engineer, The Boeing Company
    Amanda Ireland is the Launch Campaign Manager and sits console as the Spacecraft Liaison Officer (SLO) for the Boeing Starliner.
  • Anne-Liz Jeukeng, Engineer Software, Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Liz shows her potential in every task she undertakes. Her efforts have helped reduce the chance for errors and improve the overall efficiencies of our system and process. Her efforts have touched every aspect of our program, and she is a valued asset to our team.
  • Melanie Johnson, Senior Associate, Software Engineering, L3Harris Corporation
    Melanie is a multifaceted Aviation Solutions Engineer whose work is making a significant impact within the FAA customer community.
  • Caeley Looney, Mission Analyst | Founder, L3Harris Technologies | Reinvented Inc.
    Caeley is a Mission Analyst at L3Harris by day.  Then, she comes home and runs her nonprofit organization, Reinvented Magazine, which empowers girls in STEM.
  • Casey Mann, Verification Engineer, Leonardo DRS
    Casey has been an active participant in STEAM programs for over 10 years and she strives to outreach to younger students to get them involved.
  • Michelle Palumbo, Associate, Software Engineering, L3Harris Corporation
    Though Michelle is a relatively junior software engineer in our organization, she has quickly gained the respect of her more senior peers.
  • Melissa Pumphrey, Mechanical Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Melissa’s technical accomplishments, dedication, and insatiable thirst for process improvement at such an early stage in her engineering career make her invaluable to our team.
  • Ruth Quant, Integrations and Test Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Ruth, as a T2 Systems Engineer of the Joint Stars Program, has developed an excellent reputation for the work she has done on the TSSR Impact Analysis IPT.  Ruth is a very diligent worker and is tasked in two primary systems engineering roles primarily supporting the TSSR program by successfully executing tasks and activities related to Field Service Engineering Request (FSER).
  • Ms. Yeshani Wijesekara Gamachchige, Electrical Engineer, Collins Aerospace
    Yeshani is very bright and motivated individual.  Whatever the task, no matter how challenging and complicatied, she will devote herself to do the best job in the most efficient way with a high degree of diligence.

Engineer Technical Achievement Award

  • Stacey Bagg, Technical Engineer, Ops Management, in Program Technical Integration, NASA
    Her significant impact on Kennedy Space Center’s systems technical integration and Life-Cycle review across multiple programs advances NASA’s Artemis missions to the moon and Mars.
  • Eliza Balestracci, Systems Engineer, Leonardo DRS
    Eliza triple majored in 2009 and holds 21 patents.  She is a Systems Engineer currently focused on precision targeting systems for dismounted military applications.
  • Meredith Basso, Senior Specialist, Systems Engineering, L3Harris Corporation
    Meredith is a highly respected Systems Engineering leader, who achieves technical excellence and industry impact through innovative implementation of Model Based Systems Engineering.
  • Jennifer Biermaier, Senior Specialist, Systems Administration, L3Harris Corporation
    Jen has a very successful and productive career in application and systems administration.
  • Amy Chadwick, Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corp
    Amy is a senior software engineer with 20 years of experience.  Amy is a key asset to the E2-D program, creating GUI and other features.
  • Sandra Kendrick, Manager, Test Engineering, L3Harris Corporation
    Sandy is an outstanding technical leader and visionary with tremendous growth potential who is truly an inspiration to young women.
  • Christina Pettit, Sr. Principal Systems Architect, Northrop Grumman Corp
     A graduate of Northrop Grumman’s prestigious Systems Engineering Associates (SEA) program, Tina serves as a Technical Lead for developing the Open Mission System (OMS) standard.
  • Aline Rodrigues, Manager – Aeronautical Engineering, Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Lead of HIVE (Highly Immersive Virtual Environment) lab, saving cost and schedule with motion capture technology and models to refine designs for manufacturability and maintainability.
  • Krystina Rodriguez, Staff Systems Engineer, Systems Lead, Collins Aerospace
    Krystina is a technical expert, a leader, a mentor for peers and managers and an example to all our younger engineers.
  • Clara Sanchez, Manager, Software Engineering, L3Harris Corporation
    Clara Sanchez is a technical expert and technical software leader at L3Harris who is responsible for driving key avionics, radio and communication systems to success.
  • Alesia Sipes, Lead, Systems Engineering, L3Harris Corporation
    Alesia is recognized for her leadership and devotion to the community. Even more notable is her genuine character and ability to passionately lead/motivate others.

Outstanding Woman Engineer

  • Estela Carvajal, Manager Systems Engineering, Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Estela’s technical abilities and leadership qualities are unmatched, through her hard work and dedication, she earned a promotion to manager in 2019 and continues to excel.
  • Karen Elizabeth DiPaula, Lead, Information Security Systems Engineer, L3 Harris Corporation
    Karen is recognized for her leadership and devotion to children in our community. Her passion and ability to inspire and motivate others is noteworthy.
  • April King, Manager, Systems Engineering, Northrop Grumman Corporation
    April’s engineering expertise and professionalism have furthered her organization’s strategic value and her mentoring and volunteerism grows our women in STEM community.
  • Angela  Lamb, Director of Engineering, Leonardo DRS
    Angela not only excels as Engineering Director, but she continually demonstrates a passion for growing our A&D workforce talent pipeline particularly in underrepresented categories.
  • Catherine Lim, Manager Software Engineering, Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Catherine’s is a natural leader and professional who is committed to ethical, sustainable performance.  Catherine creates an environment where people want to perform and engage. 
  • Giselle Montalvo Negron, Senior Specialist, Systems Engineering, L3 Harris Corporation
    Giselle is a strong project engineer with a manufacturing background, an advocate for women in STEM and has been instrumental in developing and delivering products in the wireless product group business area at L3Harris.
  • Melinda, Refford, Senior Engineer, Systems Engineering, Collins Aerospace
    Melinda Refford embodies a true innovative spirit which combined with her technical leadership approach and community involvement positively impacts both the professional environment and community
  • Viviana Rodriguez, Senior Manager, Systems Engineering, L3 Harris Corporation
    Viviana is the program manager for the DRAX missions. She overseas approximately 300M in revenue. She serves as a group leader in the Systems Engineering department.
  • Ledlyne Vazquez, AST, Flight Systems Engineer, NASA
    For successfully managing the coordination of technical team efforts, delivering products, and presenting multiple projects, while providing outstanding leadership serving as a systems engineer at NASA.
  • Melanie Weber, Structures Design and Integration Engineer, The Boeing Company
    She is the Subsystem Lead for Crew and Cargo Accommodations on the Boeing CST-100 Starliner. She also serves as Starliner’s Launch Pad Team Lead.