SWENext – Outreach Program for Girls K-12

swe nesxtTo expand the SWE community, we’ve developed a new way for girls (ages 17 and under) to learn and participate in engineering-introducing SWENext! This unique program provides young girls, parents and educators with the tools they need to increase their understanding of the engineering field. SWENext is a great new way to establish engagement with engineering early on.

SWE launched the program after receiving hundreds of requests from parents seeking resources on how to educate their daughters about the transformational impact of engineering. For students ages 17 and under, SWENext provides a dynamic opportunity to learn, connect with peers and witness real women engineers in action. SWENext participants can also meet women role models, which is a critical step toward enabling them to visualize themselves in a STEM career.

“SWENext will introduce the next generation of women to the exciting world of engineering in a collaborative, fun environment,” says SWE executive director and CEO, Karen Horting. “We want to provide girls with a network of mentors and girls like themselves who will support them throughout their journey.”

When participants (including girls, parents, guardians and educators) sign up for SWENext, they will receive complimentary access to:

  • Up-to-date information about outreach events such as camps, competitions and workshops hosted by SWE and its partners
  • A catalog of available scholarships for engineering schools offered by SWE and partner organizations
  • Tips and best practices for applying for scholarships and internships
    Advice from practicing engineers as they discuss the work they do in regular webinars
  • Opportunities to shape the future of the program through participation in the SWENext council

To learn more about SWENext and sign a future engineer up, visit swenext.swe.org.